Craig Shapiro on the Functional Tennis Podcast

Craig Shapiro

Host/Founder of Under Review Tennis Podcast

Episode 37

This week I speak to fellow podcast host, Craig Shapiro. Craig is the founder of the Under Review Tennis Podcast and he speaks to the unwritten heroes of tennis. 

Craig tells us about his show as well as his days working with Andre Agassi as a stringer, what happened after his short stringing career, his documentaries on Agassi and Patrick Mourtaglou and more.

In the episode we mention the Ron Yu stringing Federer's racket, Patrick Mouratoglou and Andre Agassi documentary which I have included below.


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Stringing Federer's Racket

The Patrick Mouratoglou Mini Documentary Documentary

The Andre Agassi Documentary

Tap here to see the Agassi documentary. It wouldn't allow us to embed it here.

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