Craig Tiley on the Functional Tennis Podcast

Craig Tiley

Aussie Open Tournament Director and Tennis Australia CEO

Episode 48

Super episode this week with Craig Tiley who is the Tennis Australia CEO and the tournament director for the Aussie Open. He has done an amazing with with Tennis Australia for 15 years. The Aussie tennis system is world renowned and Craig has put a great system in place that has seen many players move successfully into the senior game.

He has also been at the epicentre of turning the Aussie Open from the least favourite of the Slams to the most favourite. When you speak to the players they absolutely love it and all the work that has gone into to make it so special.

Craig tells us about:

  • His days as a NCAA D1 Winning Coach
  • His desire to help people
  • Challenging himself
  • Developing a great system in Australia
  • Whats needed to break into the top of the game
  • His 1st time meeting Roger Federer
  • Tennis Australia during the Covid Situation and the coaches relief
  • Listener question 1 on his best moment as tournament director
  • Listener question 2 on the best to develop a business with focus on high performance tennis

I hope you enjoy the episode.


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