David O'Hare

Dave O'Hare

Former Pro & ATP Doubs Coach

Episode 29

This week we have 29 year old 🇮🇪 David O'Hare on the podcast. David (Dave) is a former pro (ATP Doubles #117) who quit due to an unfortunate injury but used his connections to stay in the game and to coach some of the worlds best doubles players such as Luke Bambridge and Rajeev Ram..

He talks about his Junior and College (NCAA #3 ranked doubs) career and how he went from a club coaching gig in New Zealand just before the 2019 Aussie open to be drafted in as a coach to Luke Bambridge to go on to coaching at the ATP Tour finals with Rajeev Ram and his old College doubles partner Joe Salisbury.

We speaks openly about the challenges on the tour. It's a very interesting conversation and I really enjoyed my first in person chat and look forward to more in the future.

Shout out to our Podcast Sponsors Head who have just realised a new Prestige which I am looking forward to testing.

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