Nikki from unstrung customs on the Functional Tennis podcast

The String & Racket Q&A with Nikki Roenn from Unstrung Customs

Episode 14

This week we have Nikki Roenn from Unstrung Customs who talks about his tennis career and how he moved into the string and customisation business.

If have have any interest in string, stringing, rackets and racket customisation you should have a listen. Nikki answers questions from our Instagram followers in all the sections above. You'll learn some simple tricks to get your strings setup better as well as advice on some new strings. He even tells us about the rackets of Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray which he has worked on.

Unstrung Customs string and customise rackets for pros and players, they use 3d printing to make custom pallets affordable and a quicker process and also offer a custom racket painting service.