Sebastien Durand on the Functional Tennis Podcast

Sebastien Durand

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Episode 40

I've wanted to get Sebastien on the podcast ever since we started the show and I'm delighted to get him on this bonus episode. Sebastien is very low key and likes to learn as much as possible from all areas so he can help his players improve. Seb has worked with many great players and is the S&C coach for Grigor Dimitrov (for over 10 years).

Seb tells us all about his journey, working with to players and importantly tells us steps players can take to get the most out of the current isolation period.

He also talks about how he is handling the lockdown personally, his early tennis days, how he became a fitness trainer and a lot more.

Hope you enjoy it 😀


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Sebastien Durand working with Grigor Dimitrov