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Monthly Racket Giveaway

Every month in 2024 we giveaway 1 brand new racket. The lucky winner gets to choose it and we buy it and deliver it to them 😀

How To Enter?

Enter your email address below & you will recieve 1 entry into that months giveaway.

If you purchase during the month, you will receive an additional 5 entries into that months giveaway.

Early each month a winner will be drawn and we will email all recipients with the winners name and chosen racket.

Entries open worlwide

2024 Winner


Merran Tait 🇬🇧 (Racket to her daughter Charlie)

Yonex Vcore 100


Peter Clark 🇦🇺

Functional Tennis Saber Mid


Chamba Cosium

Saber Junior (France)


Entries Open

2023 Winners


Juliia Milevska 🇪🇸 (We didn't expect a pro photo shoot!!)

Head Radical Lite


Matt Quick 🇺🇸

Wilson RF Pro Staff

oliver wenger winner of the march racket of the month giveaway


Olivier Wenger 🇩🇪

Saber Lite


Jelena Pucilowski 🇨🇦

Wilson Pro Staff 97L


Chris LaCouture 🇺🇸

Wilson Blade RG Edition


Jermaine Biggs 🇬🇧 (gifted it to Chantelle Keegans)

Saber Mid


Will White 🇺🇸

Saber Lite


Christijan van der Lee 🇳🇱

Babolat Pure Aero


Amit Jain 🇪🇸

Yonex Ezone 98L (Aaditya Jain)


Mark Jungers 🇺🇸

Wilson Blade 98 US Open Edition


Michael Weber 🇩🇪

Saber Lite


Bruno Clement 🇫🇷

Head Speed MP Black

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2022 Winners


Robert Yee 🇺🇸

Yonex Vcore 100


Anne Nielsen 🇩🇰

Wilson Blade v8 chosen by her grandson Aksel


Niels-Christian Jakobsen 🇬🇧

Prince Phantom 93P


James Weber 🇺🇸

Functional Tennis Saber


Jakub Krajcir 🇸🇰 

Wilson Pro Staff RF97


Andreas Leichtle 🇩🇪

Functional Tennis Saber

Mariaryeni Guiterrez is the winner of the July Functional Tennis racket of the month giveaway


Mariaryeni Guiterrez 🇧🇪

Babolat Pure Drive Plus


Brett Zeuschner 🇦🇺 

Yonex Ezone 100L chosen by Brett's son


Andrew Barbosa 🇺🇸

Babolat Pure Drive

Ernst ter Meulen


Ernst ter Meulen  🇳🇱 (Racket given to Cooper ter Meulen, student)

Babolat Aero VS


Matyas Oprchal 🇬🇧

Dunlop SX 300 Lite


Nhat anh Do 🇹🇭

Functional Tennis Saber

Terms and Conditions: Monthly Racket Giveaway

Terms and Conditions: Monthly Racket Giveaway

1. Eligibility:

a. The monthly racket giveaway ("Giveaway") is open to all individuals who submit an entry by email.
b. For each purchase made from our online store during the month, the customer will receive five additional entries into the Giveaway.

2. Prize:

a. The Giveaway prize consists of one tennis racket of the winner's choice, up to a maximum value of €225, including shipping costs.
b. The combined total monetary value of the selected racket and shipping costs to the winner's chosen shipping destination will not exceed €225 (or equivalent in other currency at the time of winning).
c. If the total amount for the selected racket and shipping costs is less than €225, the winner is not entitled to the remaining amount of money.

3. Winner Selection and Notification:

a. The winner will be selected at random from all eligible entries and will be notified by email.
b. It is the responsibility of the winner to regularly check their email.
c. The winner must respond to Functional Tennis within 24 hours of receiving the notification. Failure to respond within this period will result in the prize being forfeited.
d. If the winner fails to respond within the specified time, another entry will be drawn, and the process will be repeated.

4. Prize Limitations:

a. The winning contestant may not request a monetary value instead of the prize. The prize must be a tennis racket of the winner's choice.
b. Limited edition rackets cannot be chosen as part of the prize.

5. Additional Entries:

a. Each order placed on our online store during the month will provide an additional five entries into the Giveaway.
b. It is not permitted for the winning contestant to contribute an additional sum of money towards a purchase.
c. Functional Tennis will not accept personal contributions from the winner to cover any portion of a purchase that exceeds €225.

6. Import/Custom Duties and Taxes:

a. Functional Tennis is not responsible for any import/custom duties or import taxes that may be imposed on the prize.
b. We will make reasonable efforts to source the racket from the same country as the winning recipient to minimize any additional charges.