How to String the Saber

Stringing The Saber

A popular questions we get from people with and without the Saber is

How can I string the Saber?

Watch Beckett from the TennCom YouTube Channel string the Saber below.

We have also broken it up into 8 sections further down as well as a downloadable stringmap which will help you find the tie off points.

If you've any other questions just let us know in the contact form below.

The 3 most popular string related questions

Yes it comes strung with a synthetic gut string.

Recommended String Tension

  • 13.5 KG / 30 lbs

It takes just under 5.5 metres to restring so we recommend you cut 6 metres of string.

A normal set of strings is 12 metres so you will get 2 restring from your normal set 😀

8 Steps to String the Saber

The full video above broken down into sections

Step 1

Cut the Strings

Blue Horizontal Line

Step 2

Mount the Saber

Blue Horizontal Line

Step 3

String selection

Blue Horizontal Line
String Map

Download the string map image with the Saber tie off points

Step 4

Start the Mains

Mains skip 6T, 6H

Blue Horizontal Line

Step 5

Tying off the mains

Tie off 4T

Blue Horizontal Line

Step 6

Starting the crosses

Start cross 5H, either side

Blue Horizontal Line

Step 7

Tying off the crosses

Tie off 8T or 2nd cross string form bottom

Blue Horizontal Line

Step 8

Finishing Touches

Blue Horizontal Line

Got a Stringing Question?

Let us know if you have any questions andwe'll our best to help and answer.

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