Limited to 50 Sabers


Yes it will sell out, last years Paris edition sold out in under 1 week.

Unfortunately this is not possible. We would have to open each Saber from the packaging and we would prefer if it was you that had the privledge to be th efirst to open your special Saber.

Yes it is, its a new design and each one is uniquely numbered.

In 2023 they all said "1 of 50" but for this edition and on limited editions moving forward we will have a unique number on each one.

Yes the 2024 Paris Edition is limited to 50 sabers and once sold out it will not be available again. The 2024 Paris Edition was our most popular Slam edition and sold out in under 1 week.

  • 300 grams unstrung
  • 312 grams strung

Yes it comes strung.

It can be strung in all manual machines and most automatic machines. If available we recommend you use the badminton kit on automatic machines but this is not necessary.

 Nikki from Unstrung Customs shows us here in this video

and here is a recent video from a customer stringing the saber

Unfortunately, we won't.

We have not tested on this colour and couldn't risk testing with such small quantities in case it didn't work out.

  • 30 lbs / 13.5 KG

It takes just under 5.5 metres to restring so we recommend you cut 6 metres of string.

A normal set of strings is 12 metres so you will get 2 restring from your normal set 😀

Yes, we do. Currently, we have shipped sabers to over 80 countries since its launch in 2022.

We have a standard tracked available to some countries (North America, Europe, UK) and UPS available to all others.

Depending on the country we have other options also available, please go to checkout to see options.

If possible I recommend the UPS options for all countries as its a quicker quicker and reliable delivery service.

Yes it does. The string header card doubles up as a stencil. Do not bin it!

If you have throw it away can you tap here to download a pdf stencil which you can print. Cardboard paper is advised.