[Webinar 12] How to Manage Your Tennis Brain with David Sammel


Are you interested in how a Roger or Serena are able to cope with pressure? What is natural and what is learned? This webinar will show you that overcoming your emotions especially under pressure is easy when you know how. Persevering until managing your mind is natural, comes down to your desire to implement the clear understanding you will get from this mind-blowing webinar.

David Sammel has taught 11 year olds to top pros how to think under pressure and allow your mind and body to perform effectively in all different situations. Simply put - this is a webinar that has a lot at stake. If you miss it you will lose out on a life changing skill.

Tap here if you want to know more abou the Mindset College which Dave runs.

We recently had David on The Functional Tennis Podcast and you can listen below or tap here to listen on your favourite podcast app.