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The Journey

Scroll below to find out more on the journey to create the Saber 😃


💡The Idea!

With the popularity of the Tennis Pointer, having played with it a lot and countless feedback from customers, I thought of a way to develop another fun and exciting product to help players even more. Slowly the idea for the Saber emerged. I carried out research and I definitely had a big challenge ahead of me finding the right people and manufacturers to work with. Tennis is a small world that has its pros and cons! I ended 2020 with more questions than answers.
January 2021

📏 R&D Begins

It was time to get serious. I find a racket engineer and we get working on specs. Length, width, thickness, material, head shape, string pattern, balance points, stiffness, etc. I get busy with my callipers, rulers and excel.
February 2021

Cardboard prototypes

I turn my measurements into prototypes using cardboard which helps me bring the product to life. Once I'm happy with my spec it goes to our manufacturer who will design the 3d version.
March 2021

👓 3d

The 3D version of my spec arrives. We go back and forth with more cardboard prototypes until I'm happy and approve the final 3d model to be turned into a real product.
March 2021
🏎 Inspiration

I also find the perfect racket cosmetic designer. I take from my passion for cars to help us come up with design inspiration for the saber.

April 2021
Prototype Arrives 😁

The first composite prototypes arrive with variations of my spec.  Excited, I head straight to the stringer and onto the court.

The functional Tennis Saber Prototype arrived

APril 2021

The Functional Tennis Saber Logo

Racket Name

Finding the right name is tricky at the best of times. The initial code name was FT37 but slowly I put a list of names together and I felt Saber was the perfect match.

Test Test Test

The prototype was tested heavily, restrung countless times and given to local coaches to use and recieve feedback. All of which was very positive.

Functional Tennis Saber Prototypes

More Prototypes

I took some learnings and feedback and we got more prototypes made and tested again until I was happy with them.

Design Signed Off

The cosmetic design is fine-tuned and along with the latest prototype, the manufacturer starts working on the next round of prototypes.

July 2021

Cosmetic Sample Arrives 😁

Finally, I get to hold the racket with the design. A really great moment. There were still a few adjustments needed but this was close.

Also Summer 2021

tooling for the Functional Tennis Saber

Tooling & Molding

Confirmed and paid.


This slipped by and I got working on registering Functional Tennis Saber around the world.

Slow down 😴

Between factories in China running at low capacity due to COVID, trying to get production space when competing with the big racket brands, waiting on trademark approval everything slowed down.

October 2021

Deposit Paid 💰

The manufacturer was telling me the SABER would be ready for October 2022 which was a huge shock at the time as my initial projections envisioned the SABER arriving in Dublin by now! Luckily my racket engineer worked some magic with his contacts to squeeze in a manufacturing slot beginning in January. The deposit swiftly paid. There was still no trademark and a few cosmetic issues to iron out but had me on edge a little!
December 2021
Final Sample Arrives

The final sample arrives with tweaks, mainly cosmetic and our first photoshoot gets underway.

January 2022

Production is underway

And I am told end of March for completion date 💪

April / May 2022

Sea Shipment

On April 12th the rackets leave Shenzhen and an ETA of May 17th arrival into Dublin before clearning customs. (Update ETA of 13th June)

The Functional Tennis Saber Prototype

Prototype launch

We showcase the prototype on our social channels, email and here.

Official Unveiling & Pre Sale

On April 28th we officially launch the Saber and begin presale :)


Functional Tennis Founder Fabio Molle with teh first batch of Sabers in Dublin Ireland


After numerous delays due to covid and the Russia/Ukraine war the sabers arrived in Dublin on June 20th


We get straight to packing and shipping pre-order. And by the end of June all sabers from our first batch are sold out.


The Story Continues

Limited Editions

Jan 2023 onwards

Throughout 2023 we released a city special for each grand slam. Consisting of 50 unique rackets for each of the 4 cities these rackets all sold out. We will be back in 2024 with 4 more and some other surprises.


Saber Strings

March 2023

We teamed up with Solinco to develop an exclusive string for the Saber. This string works seamlessly with the saber providing great feel and control as well as being nice on the arm. It's also the correct length for the saber.


Saber Lite

April 2023

With great demand, we launched a lighter version of the Saber at 265 grams. This means we could have younger players confidently hit with the Saber for longer and improve their consistency.


Saber Junior

November 2023

A popular request from coaches was a shorter version of the Saber and I'm glad to that that this November we will be launching The Saber Junior. It will be 2 inches shorter and for kids who play with a 25 or 26 inch racket and it will weigh 240 grams unstrung.



If you have any questions about the SABER leave it below and I'll get back to you asap.

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