01 Tracking player development in the 10-14 age group


Welcome to your 1st ever Live webinar!!

I am excited to launch this free series with Kris Soutar, a master performance coach who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in player development in the 10-14 age group.

Kris has coached and worked as a performance consultant for almost 30 years and is involved with multiple different tennis organisations - including Tennis Scotland, the LTA & the Judy Murray Foundation 🎾

We cover alot of areas that will help parents and coaches better understand what to look for when tracking the development of 10-14 year olds and tools you can use.

We also recorded a podcast episode with Kris where he tells us all about how he got into coaching and other aspects of his tennis role, you can check it out here, search for Functional Tennis in your favourite podcast app (episode 18) or use the player below.