45 Tennis Courts around the World

Last week I asked the Functional Tennis Community to send in photos of their local courts/club. I'm intrigued by courts all over the world and love visiting tennis clubs when I travel. I was delighted to see all the photos which came in from all over the world from places like Bogota, India, USA, Germany, South Africa and many more. 

Mostly in alphabetical order and do remember our community is made up of tennis players and not photographers!

Comment us your favourite

1) 🍍 Anguilla, Caribbean



2) 🇹🇷 Ankara, Turkey

Ankara, Turkey


3)🇨🇴 Bogotá, Colombia 

Bogotá, Colombia


4) 🇪🇸 Bruguera, Barcelona, Spain

Bruguera, Barcelona


5) 🇦🇷 Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Buenos Aires, Argentina


6) 🇬🇧 Buckinghamshire, UK

Buckinghamshire, UK


7) 🇪🇸 Burela, Spain

Burela, Spain


8) 🇺🇸 Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Boca Raton, Florida


9) 🇩🇪 Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany


10) 🇮🇳 Delhi,India



11) 🇩🇪 Delitzsch, Germany

Delitzsch, Germany


12) 🇺🇦 Dnipro, Ukraine

Dnipro, Ukraine


13) 🇶🇦 Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar


14) 🇬🇧 Douai Abbey, England 

Douai Abbey, England


15) 🇮🇱 Gedera, Israel 

Gedera, Israel


16) 🇧🇷 Grajaú, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Grajaú, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


17) 🇬🇹 Guatemala



18) 🇺🇦 Horishni Plavni, Ukraine

Horishni Plavni, Ukraine


19) 🇺🇸 Jacksonville, Alabama, United States

Jacksonville, Alabama, United States


20) 🇮🇳 Kota, India

Kota, India


21) 🇮🇹 Latina, Italy

Latina, Italy


22) 🇬🇧 Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK 

Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK


23) 🇺🇸 Lindsborg, Kansas, USA

Lindsborg, Kansas, USA


24) 🇬🇧 London, UK



25) 🇺🇸 Los Angeles, USA (1)

LA, USA (1)


26) 🇺🇸 Los Angeles, USA (2)

Los Angeles, USA (2)


27) 🇪🇸 Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain


28) 🇲🇺 Mauritius



29) 🇺🇸 Miami, Florida, USA

Miami, Florida USA


30) 🇺🇸 Mill Creek Tennis Club in Washington State, USA

Mill creek Tennis Club in Washington State, USA


31) 🇲🇾 Mont Kiara, Malaysia

Mont Kiara, Malaysia


32) 🇺🇸 Mount Vernon, Georgia, USA

Mount Vernon, Georgia, USA


33) 🇿🇦 Nelspruit, South Africa

Nelspruit, South Africa


34) 🇿🇦 Paarl, South Africa 

Paarl, South Africa


35) 🇦🇺 Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia


36) 🇺🇸 Saint Peter's University, Jersey City, NJ, USA

Saint Peter's University, Jersey City, NJ]


37) 🇺🇸 San Diego, California, USA

San Diego, California


38) 🇺🇸 San Francisco, USA

San Francisco, USA


39) 🇺🇸 St. Peter, Minnesota, USA

St. Peter, Minnesota, USA


40) 🇦🇹 Stattegg, Austria

Stattegg, Austria


41) 🇺🇸 Albuquerque New Mexico USA

The Tennis Club Of Albuquerque's Smart Court in Albuquerque New Mexico USA


42) 🇯🇵 Tsukuba, Japan

Tsukuba, Japan


43) 🇦🇹 Vienna, Austria 



44) 🇺🇸 Whitehall, Pennsylvania, USA

Whitehall,PA, USA


45) 🇮🇪 Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

If you would like me to add your local courts feel free to email them to us at ace@functionaltennis.com.



46) 🇮🇪 Limerick, Ireland

Limerick, Ireland

47) 🇵🇦 Fred Maduro Tennis Center, Curundu, Panama City, Panama

Fred Maduro Tennis Center, Panama

48) 🇵🇦 Panama Canal Authority Sports facilities, Panama

 Panama Canal Authority Sports facilities Tennis Court


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