7 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Tennis Players & Fans

Below are some products I have put together which will make a great Christmas gift for a tennis lover.

1. Asics Gel Solution Speed 3

Asics Gel Solution

In my opinion these are the best tennis shoes on the market for male and female Tennis players of all levels. They are light, comfortable, quite durable and worn by many top pros such as Goffin & Konta. You can find them at all the main tennis sites as well as Amazon for immediate delivery. Available in a different colour ways, you are sure to find a colour way that will please a lucky player.

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2. Epirus Luxury Tennis Bags

Epirus Luxury Tennis Bags

If you are looking for a gift for somebody stylish these luxury tennis bags from Epirus are the perfect gift. They come in various sizes that are perfect for commuting, overnight and weekend stays. I've seen players with these bags in my local club and they look very classy whether they are coming in for a tennis session for lunch time or leaving on their bike. They definitely stand out for the right reasons. 

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3. The Pro Stringer

The Pro Stringer

This is one of the coolest bits of tennis equipment available and its become a game changer for the travelling tennis players. The Pro Stringer is a portable tennis stringing machine developed by current professional tennis player and New Zealand Davis Cup player Rubin Statham. It's so small and light which allows players to travel with it and means they can string their own rackets which results in big $ savings and they also work on racket at short notice and are reliant on inconsistent stringing services. It has also allowed younger people to begin stringing with the low entry price point. 

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4. Andre Agassi

Agassi Book

I am sure you have heard of this book bit its been referred to the best tennis book. Non tennis fans have read and loved this book, its a read for anybody. Agassi gives an honest insight into his tennis life from his early years through to his last tennis matches as a professional tennis player.

Buy it on Amazon or your favourite book store

If you are looking for more suggestions check out our list of 20 tennis books you should own


5. SKLZ Hopz 2.0


Anytime we put up a video featuring these, people always ask where can they buy them. They are a great tool to help you stay low and I've seen many pros and top juniors using them. They also result in a good burn in your legs which helps give you a great workout. Check out this video here featuring them

View them on the SKLZ's website


6. hearO Wireless Tennis Speaker

hearO Tennis Speaker

The HearO will make a fun beautiful tennis gift this Christmas. It's a Bluetooth speaker housed in a championship tennis ball from Wimbledon 2017. hearO fuses a piece of tennis history with a high-quality wireless speaker and is even endorsed by the legendary Pat Cash. It's bluetooth enabled and will pair with any media device. You will definitely put smiles on faces with this gift.

More info on the hearO


7. Wilson Ultra 97 Tour

Wilson Ultra Tour

My favourite racket of the year, The Wilson Ultra Tour. Some people have said its actually a production version h19 (Used by Monfils). I've been using it the past 2 months and absolutely love it. I've teamed it up with the Robin Soderling Paris string for a perfect combo. I'm coming from a Radical and find there is a lot more feel with this Wilson. Its fairly light at (304 grams) which allows you to customise it to suit your game. My recommended racket of the year which would make a dream gift.

Check out the Ultra out online


Thanks for checking out this gift guide.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

Fabio 🎾 🇮🇪 

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