Q&A #11 with Dustin Brown aka Dreddy

Dustin Brown


We are pumped to have Dustin Brown or better known as Dreddy in this weeks Q&A. I don't know a person who doesn't love watching Dustin play. He is the most entertaining tennis player on tour with skills some pro players could only dream of. He has been as high as 64 in the singles ranking and 43 in doubles. He's won 20 challenger tour events and has earned just under $2.5 million on tour.

Lets start of with checking out 10 of his amazing shots 


What age did you start playing tennis at?


Did any of your parents play tennis?

What was your highest ITF world ranking (under 18)?
Around 60 

What tennis academy did you train at as a junior?
Sometimes at the Evert Tennis Academy

Did you go to University?

What age did you decide to go pro?

What was your highest ATP/WTA ranking?
64 Singles & 43 Doubles

Are you a Km/h or Mp/h person?

Whats your biggest weapon on court?


Whats your faster ever serve?
Over 220Km/h

Do you like flying?

Your flying class?
It depends, normally Economy, sometimes Business...

What clothing company are you sponsored by?
Under Armour



What rackets do you use?
Babolat Pure Drive

Is the racket personalised for you? Do you know the weight?
Yes it is, 306 grams

What strings do you use?
Solinco Tour Bite

What tension are your strings?
34 Kg normally

How many rackets do you carry in your bag for a match?

(I just had to throw in a Dreddy Diving Volley vid below) 


Whats grips do you use? 

Are you a sweatband person?

Did you ever use a tournament towel as a gift!?

Do you have a prematch song you like to play to get you in the zone?
It varies

Whats the one match that you played that you remember the best? 
Nadal On Center Court @ Wimbledon 2015

Which city has the best on court fans for atmosphere? 
Australian Open, Melbourne...

Who was your childhood tennis hero?
Safin, Agassi, Yannick Noah

Do you prefer Running/Biking/Love Both or Hate Both?
Hate Both!

What do you do to relax while at tournaments?
Watching (TV) Series

Do you read books?

Huge thanks to Dustin for taking the time to do our Q&A. I was fortunate to see him play a Bundesliga match for his club in Germany (KTHC Rot-Weiss Köln) last week and below is one of his usual fun points!



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