Q&A #8 with WTA Pro Paula Kania

Q&A #8 with Up & Coming Polish WTA Player Paula Kania

Paula Kania

Paula Kania is a Polish pro tennis player. She has been as high as 128 in the WTA singles rankings and 62 in the doubles. She has competed in all the Slams and her total prize money is coming close to $500,000. She is making a big push to move up the rankings and was this week taking part in Wimbledon. Lets read more about her. 

What age did you start playing tennis at?

Did any of your parents play tennis?

What was your highest ITF world ranking (under 18)?

What tennis academy did you train at as a junior?

Did you go to University?
WSZiA w Opolu (Poland)

What age did you decide to go pro?

What was your highest WTA ranking?
Singles 128 and Doubles 58

If you weren't a pro what do you think you would be doing?

Are you a Km/h or Mp/h person?

Whats your biggest weapon on court?

Whats your faster ever serve?
180 km/h

Do you like flying?

Your flying class?
Economy because of money reasons

What clothing company are you sponsored by?


What rackets do you use?
Head Radical

Is the racket personalised for you? Do you know the weight?
Yes, 305 Unstrung 

What strings do you use?
Natural gut, RPM Blast

What tension are your strings?

How many rackets do you carry in your bag for a match?

Whats grips do you use?

Are you a sweatband person?

Did you ever use a tournament towel as a gift!?

Do you have a prematch song you like to play to get you in the zone?
Yes , gimme danger - Iggy pop

Whats the one match that you played that you remember the best?
Wimbledon against Na Li
Where city has the best on court fans for atmosphere? 


Who was your childhood tennis hero?
Martina Hingis

Do you prefer Running/Biking/Love Both or Hate Both?


What do you do to relax while at tournaments?
Movies, Music

Do you read books?

What is your all time favourite book?

And what book are you reading now?
Mike Tyson biography

Whats your all-time favourite movie?

What is your favourite quote?
"Better do something and regret it than regret and not do it" 

 Paula Kania's favourite quote

Thank you Paula for taking the time to fill out our Q&A. We wish you the best of luck in the coming months.  Click here if you would like to follow Paula on Instagram.


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