I always wanted to try out one of the latest tennis sensor for rackets to see how good they were. The guys at Qlipp came to my rescue and sent me one of their sensors (new version is coming soon) which they funded by crowdfunding on Indiegogo. 

What I loved about this one was the ability to sync up the data with a video of me playing. Its one thing seeing stats on the screen but another when you can actually view the strokes and see the data beside it. It impressed me. I put together a short video on how it all works and overall feedback. Check it out below.

I was meant to give a more detailed review but I caught a ball outside the sweet spot and hit the unit which flew off the racket and broke. Not a great sign. But they tell me they have a updated version which will be released very soon and it has a guard to stop this happening. Once I get it I will do a more in-depth review.

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