The 100K Giveaway

FT 100K

We are fast approaching 100K fans on our Instagram a/c. This account started out as a way for me to bookmark great videos on

  • Tennis fitness
  • Functional training for tennis
  • Practice points
  • Pro points/patterns.

Luckily Instagram introduced their bookmark feature after I set up this account as there would have been no need for it. I couldn't have ever believed it would reach 100K followers. We hope to reach the magic number by week 2 in March 😃

To celebrate reaching 100K followers we have teamed up with the leading online tennis store Tennis Warehouse Europe as well the leading tennis brands Wilson and Tourna who have provided us with some awesome gifts. We hope to add a few more to this over the next few days. 

So far we in the giveaway we have

So what do you have to do to enter? Simply fill out your name, email address,  as well as your Instagram username. Then confirm the email that you receive and you will be entered. You must also ensure that you are following our Instagram account.


(2) Check your inbox and confirm entry

(3) Ensure you follow us on Instagram

(4) Optional (If your feeling nice!)

A huge thanks to the guys at:

Tennis Warehouse Europe Logo




Robin Soderling RS Tennis



Notes & Terms

  • We will ship the winning prizes worldwide but do no cover any local taxes that may be due
  • Winners will be picked live on our Instagram account after we reach 100K fans (No exact date yet) Roughly week 1 or 2 in March
  • Winning items shipped in Week 3 in March
  • By entering you will automatically be added to our newsletter which you can opt to leave
  • If you win you will have 24 hours to respond to our email (or DM message if sent) or we will pick another message
  • Entry is open worldwide ✈️
  • A person can only win the max of 1 prize
  • Prizes may change in the case of our brand partner sending us a different item
  • You can only enter once



    I love yalls page because my coach is very old school and it has help our extremely low funded team become so much better . I watch these videos after I get home late and dream about them oddly but had helped my serves , my returns and most of all giving me new workouts so I never get board thank you functionaltennis !!!!!!!!

  • Djodi sebastian

    Congratulation on your 100k instagram subscriber :) i just started to play tennis now and your instagram acc made me inspired

  • Hernan

    Great tennis page, love ur Instagram posts! I ‘m still trying to compete the treadmill sprint challenge! It’s an amazing workout! Thanks for everything, greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

  • Joel

    Huge and great work from you guys!! No more words needed, thanks.

  • Marco Vorrath

    Congrats on the 100k let’s go for 1M

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