The 2019 Christmas Gift List by Functional Tennis

A selection of our favourite tennis products that will make a great Christmas gift of tennis lovers this Christmas.



Asics Tennis Shoes

Our number one tennis shoe at Functional Tennis are the Asics Solution Speed. They are light, wear well and extremely comfortable. I've worn them since the first solution speed's were released and have tried many different brands along the way but always go back to these. Their colour selections are always great and the latest range is no disappointment.  

They are worn by Alex De Minaur, David Goffin, Julia Gorges along with many other top male and female pros.



Tennis Tournament tickets

A few years ago I got tickets for a masters event (in Barcelona) from my Mam and thought it was a fantastic gift. We made a weekend out of it and really enjoyed it. I got to to see Tsitsipas for the first time in the semis and then see Rafa give Tsitsipas a master class in the final. ATP Masters events and WTA premier events are on all over the world. ATP tour tickets can be got from the ATP site, WTA tickets are a bit trickier to buy, you got to find the event website and they can be found at the WTA site.




Head TEnnis Rackets

The excitement of when you are a kid and get a new tennis racket on Christmas morning and you want to rush to your local courts to play!!

Our favourite rackets here at Functional Tennis are Head and they have one for every game style and level. They supply rackets to the world number 1 Novak Djokovic who uses their most popular racket the Speed and its also used by future number 1 Bianca Andreescu. I personally use the HEAD Radical and have used it since my young days when Agassi used to use his bumblebee yellow and black racket. There is also the Prestige, Instinct, Extreme and the new Gravity racket which is used by Zverev. It looks amazing with it 2 tone matte finish.


♻️ TopspinPro



If you are looking for a gift for somebody new to tennis check out the TopspinPro. It's a device which helps you learn how to hit topspin. Its used by kids and people of all all ages. We actually spoke to the co-founder Phil on our podcast and he told us how he came up with the concept and grew his company which they now ship the product all over the world.

Its a fun product which will help you understand Topspin much better.


📉 Oura Ring 😴

Oura ring

The Oura ring is a sleep and activity tracker that I have been using for 12 months now. I use it solely for tracking and its been great track my sleep analysis over the past year and compare different times of the year with travelling and weather and see how various things can effect your sleep, such as our new baby Max!

I do not use it to track activity as I didn't find that part of it great, but as a sleep device its really good. You can wear it up to 7 days in offline mode which is great. I personally put it on every night and turn on airplane mode then in the morning take it off and sync it and then repeat.  

It's a fun gift which I recommend and possibly my favourite on this list . The only issue with it is getting the correct ring size but you can get a selection of rings sent to you first so you can size up, really neat feature but may ruin the element of surprise!



Functional Tennis Journals

We have to mention our match and practice journals. The match journal has been selling for one year all over the world and is extremely popular with juniors. The just released practice journal is a great addition to the match journal and initial feedback has been 5 ⭐️ .

They give a framework to prepare and analyse your matches and practice sessions. They have helped countless players improve their game . Take a look at the 100 plus awesome reviews are customers have left us here where 100% have recommended the journal.



I've used online training courses to help with my speed, strength and fitness and it can be a great gift for an adult or kid who is looking to improve their game.

We are slowly testing online courses and putting a list together of the best ones. Its work in progress but you can check out the current courses we recommend below

🔵 Grips 🔵

🔵 Grips 🔵

John Isner putting on his tourna grip

You can't beat a fresh grip and these make a great addition to any Christmas Sock. Our personal favourite are the Dry feel Tourna grips which offer unbelievable grip in any weather condition and especially dry and humid conditions. Used by many of the top pros such as John Isner, the Bryan Brothers and Kevin Anderson . Players such as Andy Murray seem to use these grips also but are not sponsored by them and don't use the red tape around the top of the drips which normally signify that its Tourna, but the blue grip definitely gives it away.

We recommend you pick these up in your local pro store or your usual online tennis stores.



Bidi Badu Tennis Clothes

We are big fans of the guys at Bidi Badu. Their range of items have come on over the past 3 years and I absolutely love the latest range. They have some awesome designs for male and female and even do a cool kids range. The quality is top notch, they wash well and also get great comments by your tennis friends.

📚 Books 📚

📚 Books 📚

Tennis books

Books make another great sock filler and there are so many to choose from. My personal favourite and favourite of so many other people including non tennis players is the Agassi book.

He gives a detailed insight into his accomplishments and struggles he endured from his early childhood until the end of his career. If you haven't read this book, just buy it for yourself and one for a gift also!! Check out my link below to 20 tennis books worth reading.



Tenis warehouse gift card idea

Finally if you are really stuck for ideas, a gift card make a great last minute gift or if you are unsure of clothing or shoe size. There are many great online tennis stores and all of them sell gift vouchers. Check out the links for Tennis Warehouse vouchers or most other online stores such as Tennis Point, Tennis Pro, Pro Direct Tennis all have gift vouchers available.





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