The Fernando González Q and A #18

Fernando González

It's not often you hear of a tennis player who has beaten Federer, Agassi, Hewitt, Djokovic, Nadal, Roddick, Ferrero, Moya, Kuerten, Safin, Sampras, Murray, Del Potro, Haas and more!! What an epic career Fernando González had. He was known for his thunderous forehand. Just check out the clips below!!



Here are some of Fernando's major accomplishments:

  • World number 1 Junior
  • Junior French Open Singles and doubles winner & Junior US Open Doubles winner
  • 1/4 finals of all grand slams, made the final in Australia 2007 and lost to Federer
  • Won all 3 Olympic medals
    • Gold - Doubles - Athens 2004
    • Silver - Singles - Beijing 2008
    • Bronze - Singles - Athens 2004
  • He as the first Chilean to win an Olympic Gold

In Spanish, he is called El Bombardero de La Reina ("The La Reina Bomber") and Mano de Piedra ("Stone Hand").  

What age did you start playing tennis at?

Did any of your parents play tennis?


What was your highest ITF world ranking (under 18)?
1 (Above picture with Junior French Open Trophy)

What tennis academy did you train at as a junior?
Private Academy (
Patricio Apey Academy, Miami) source Wiki

Did you go to University?

What age did you decide to go pro?
Always knew!

What was your highest ATP ranking?
No.5 Singles
No.25 Doubles

If you weren't a pro what would you have done?
Worked in Tennis

Are you a Km/h or Mp/h person?


Whats your biggest weapon on-court?



Whats your fastest ever serve?
Around 140 Mp/h

Do you like flying?

Your flying class?
Business because always I have long flights

What clothing company are/were you sponsored by?
Now Yonex, before Adidas and Babolat

What rackets do you use?
Yonex V Core

Is the racket personalized for you? Do you know the weight?
Yes, but don't remember!

What strings do you use?

What tension are your strings?
42 lbs

How many rackets do/did you carry in your bag for a match?
Now 3, before for 5 sets 10 for 3 sets 6 rackets.

What grips do you use?

Are you a sweatband person?

Did you ever use a tournament towel as a gift!?

Do you have a pre-match song you like to play to get you in the zone?

Whats the one match that you played that you remember the best?
When I beat Federer. (Master Cup 2007 on an indoor) 


Which city has the best on court fans for atmosphere?


Who was your childhood tennis hero?


Do you prefer Running/Biking/Love Both or Hate Both?

What is your favorite tennis fitness drill or exercise?
Backhand cross running forehand

Do you read books?

Whats your all-time favorite movie?

Thanks for taking the time to answer our Q&A Fernando!

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  • Kevin thour

    How do I get a forehand like you ?

    What babolat racket did you use when you played ??

    How did you pre-per for a match ?

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