Q&A #9 with Pro doubles specialist Marcus Daniell


In this weeks Q&A we have doubles specialist Marcus Daniell from New Zealand. I was lucky to meet Marcus at Wimbledon this year and have a chat with him about life on the tour. He's a super nice guy. He turned pro in 2008 and over the last few years has concentrated on playing doubles. He's currently ranked 56 on the doubles tour but earlier this year he was inside the top 50 and I can see him get back there over the next few weeks and push even higher. 

The Q&A

What age did you start playing tennis at?

Did any of your parents play tennis?

What was your highest ITF world ranking (under 18)?

What tennis academy did you train at as a junior?
Didn't train at one.

Did you go to University?
Just completed a degree by correspondence through Massey University in NZ

What age did you decide to go pro?

What was your highest ATP ranking?
42 Doubles and 500 Singles

If you weren't a pro what do you think you would be doing?

Marcus having some fun with his friends. (Thats him laughing at his mate!!)

Are you a Km/h or Mp/h person?

Whats your biggest weapon on court?


Whats your faster ever serve?
Around 220 km/h

Do you like flying?

Your flying class?
Economy - I haven't won a grand slam yet!

What clothing company are you sponsored by?

What rackets do you use?
Tecnifibre T-fight 315

Is the racket personalised for you? Do you know the weight?
Yes, 335g unstrung

What strings do you use?
Tecnifibre Black Code in mains and Tecnifibre HDX in crosses

What tension are your strings?

How many rackets do you carry in your bag for a match?

Whats grips do you use?

Are you a sweatband person?

Did you ever use a tournament towel as a gift!?
Most definitely, especially the slam towels

Do you have a prematch song you like to play to get you in the zone?
Anything relaxing - the adrenaline is already there for me

Whats the one match that you played that you remember the best? 
Rio Olympics

Where city has the best on court fans for atmosphere? 

Who was your childhood tennis hero?
Marat Safin

Do you prefer Running/Biking/Love Both or Hate Both?
Running if it's in the mountains

What do you do to relax while at tournaments?
Reading, playing guitar and singing

Check out Marcus on the guitar singing Hotel California by The Eagles, impressive!!

Do you read books?

What is your all time favourite book?
Either A Little Life or Atlas Shrugged

And what book are you reading now?
The man who sold the moon and The brain that changes itself

Whats your all-time favourite movie?
Tough, maybe Pulp Fiction

What is your favourite quote?
"You are the sum of the five people you surround yourself with" 

Marius Daniell Favourite Quote 

Huge thanks to Marcus for filling out this Q&A and taking the time to meet me at Wimbledon.  We wish you the best of luck with the rest of the season!!

Go give Marcus a follow on his Instagram a/c at instagram.com/marcusdaniellnz/


And we'll end it with some messing!!


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