The Top 100 Podcast: Episode 1 with Rajeev Ram

One of my good friends James Cluskey has launched a podcast called The Top 100 Podcast that you can't miss. James achieved a career high ranking of 145, won 15 professional doubles titles and played in multiple ATP 250 events. He played Davis Cup for Ireland from 2006-2015.

James has built great relationships with many great players and with this Podcast series he will talk to top singles and doubles players to find out their challenges in breaking the top 100 as well as other interesting facts on their journey to the top of the professional game.

In episode 1 he talks to Rajeev Ram who is currently ranked 22 with 14 career titles in doubles and has a career high ranking of 11. I've listened to it and really liked it. Check it out below. There is also a link to it on iTunes below or just search for James Cluskey.

Hit the subscribe button on James's Channel, we will be bringing you a new episode every 2 weeks. 


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