The Noah Rubin Q&A #1 - Former Junior Grand Slam Winner and Rising ATP Star

Let us introduce, Noah Rubin, former Junior Slam winner and rising ATP Star. If your a follower of our Instagram Account you would have definitely seen videos of Noah, working hard off court in the gym to tough practise sessions in the dessert to winning huge long points on court. We were delighted when he said he would take part in our Q&A. 


This is our first Q&A with a pro tennis player and we will be bringing you one every week. We will be interviewing top 10 players, top coaches, top juniors and many more. 

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Here we go.

What age did you start playing tennis at?
1 Years old

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Did any of your parents play tennis?


What was your highest ITF world ranking (under 18)?
6 (he won Junior Wimbledon in 2014)

What tennis academy did you train at as a junior?
Sportime which turned into JMTA

Did you go to University?
Wake Forest for one year

What age did you decide to go pro?

What was your highest ATP/WTA ranking?

If you weren't a pro what do you think you would be doing?
Photo Journalism

Are you a Km/h or Mp/h person?

Whats your biggest weapon on court?


Do you like flying?

Your flying class?
I mix it up!

What clothing company are you sponsored by?


What rackets do you use?
Head Instinct

Is the racket personalised for you? Do you know the weight?
Yes and 340 grams

What strings do you use?
Solinco Hyper G
Solinco Hyper G Tennis String

What tension are your strings?

How many rackets do you carry in your bag for a match?

Whats grips do you use?
Head Tourna

Are you a sweatband person?

Did you ever use a tournament towel as a gift!?
Ha, yes!

Do you have a prematch song you like to play to get you in the zone?
Different every tournament.

Who was your childhood tennis hero?
James Blake/ Roger Federer/Andre Agassi


Do you prefer Running/Biking/Love Both or Hate Both?

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Are you good at jokes? Tell us one!
I am more a sarcastic funny.

A massive thanks to Noah for taking the time to answer our questions. We is currently recovering from injury and we hope he can get back on court very soon. Wish him well in the comment section below.

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