Arthur Fery - No.1 Ranked NCAA Player in 2022 [Ep.145]

Arthur Fery - No.1 Ranked NCAA Player in 2022 [Ep.145]

Arthur Fery is on this week's episode. Arthur was ranked No.1 in US College Tennis earlier this year, in only his second year playing for Stanford. We chat about the Brit's decision to play College Tennis, life in the US as well his run to the last round of qualies at Wimbledon in 2021.

We chat about:

  • Growing up near Wimbledon
  • Importance of playing French men's tournaments as Juniors
  • Go pro or go to College?
  • Why Stanford?
  • Typical Day
  • Enjoy the team aspect?
  • An important lesson you learned when you arrived
  • Coach Goldstein
  • A most memorable moment on the court so far
  • Collecting a paycheck at Wimbledon
  • The plan for Summer 2022
  • Arthur’s Goat
  • Advice for juniors trying to make the College v going pro decision

Hope you enjoy the episode


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