Landing at The University of Memphis - College series 02 with Conor Gannon [Ep.165]

Landing at The University of Memphis - College series 02 with Conor Gannon [Ep.165]

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1️⃣ Part 1 of this college series is also below or here as well as our 1st chat with Conor while he was as Tenessesse

This week is the 2nd part of our mini-series with Irish Tennis player Conor Gannon. I plan to catch up with Conor every 4 to 5 weeks during his 2nd year (or sophomore year) at his new University.

He spent his first year (aka freshman year) at the University of Tennessee, which at one stage where the No.1 ranked university.

Conor felt he needed a change and transferred to the University of Memphis. The former university of the world's number 1 doubles player Joe Salisbury who we plan to have on the podcast later this year and our podcast friend Dave O’hare, who was Joe’s doubles partner back there where they had a successful College career. Dave is now the travel coach of Joe.

I have general catchup with Conor where we discuss the changes, new teammates, his coach, finding his way around the campus, the facilities, his plans for the autumn, his 1st ever Davis Cup call-up for Ireland and after we finished the call we were still chatting and he brings up one of the dangers most parents fear in the US, I was still recording and Conor was happy to share his story but I was extremely shocked.

I hope you enjoy the episode




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