Eric Hernandez - Strength & Conditioning Coach of Daniil Medvedev since 2014 [Ep.146]

Eric Hernandez - Strength & Conditioning Coach of Daniil Medvedev since 2014 [Ep.146]



It's' been a while since I've had a strength and conditioning coach on the podcast and when the opportunity came to have Eric on I jumped on it. Eric Hernandez is the S&C trainer of Daniil Medvedev. They've worked together since June 2014 when Daniil had just finished the junior tour and was getting ready to make the transition to the senior tour and Eric has been there all the way up until Daniil because world number 1 last month.

Eric chats about how he started to work as an S&C trainer, to his early days with Daniil and he gives his thoughts on various things within the S&C tennis world. He is super knowledgeable and you are bound to pick up something from this episode.

Major talking points:

  • Starting to work with Medvedev
  • Is Medvedev a beast in training?
  • What is a physical big base for a tennis player?
  • Essential strength exercises for tennis players
  • What's the secret to a long term working relationship?
  • Eric and travelling with the Medvedev team
  • Working with Gilles Cervara
  • Important exercises for the transition to the clay season
  • Strength levels after preseason versus the end of the season
  • Challenge for Daniil getting back to fitness after his hernia operation
  • Does Eric work with other players?
  • Which sport has the best level of fitness?
  • Evolution of fitness from when Eric started 10 years ago
  • Do you have to play at a high level to be a coach to a top player?

Hope you enjoy the episode


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