Tennis Shoes and Foot Injuries with the Foot Doctor - Ep 140

Tennis Shoes and Foot Injuries with the Foot Doctor - Ep 140

Today I chat with Zack Thomas, known as The Foot Doctor. I came across his YouTube channel in 2021 and I've been a big fan since. He uses his medical background to help give more information about each shoe and how it can affect your foot. I love the way he slices open the shoes to show you want is inside them. We chat about all of this, including what makes a cheap shoe cheap and an expensive shoe expensive. We touch on Federer, Nadal's foot injury, common tennis injuries and more. If you enjoy it please share it with your tennis community :)

  • About Zack
  • Tearing up shoes
  • What’s a good shoe for your foot?
  • The Difference between cheap and more expensive shoes?
  • Zack’s goto shoes
  • People wear the wrong shoes
  • Federer and Nadal wearing the same shoes for years
  • Federer's new ON shoes versus his Vapor’s
  • Common foot injuries for tennis players
  • Best shoe for heel pain, Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis
  • Shoes for young tennis players
  • Rafa’s foot injury




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