The Functional Tennis Court Pad
The Functional Tennis Court Pad

The Court Pad

Available in A4 & A5 sizes

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😀Introducing the Functional Tennis Court Pad. A simple pad with a blank tennis court which allows you to write patterns and notes for matches and practice. These are perfect for players and coaches.

2️⃣Comes in 2 sizes, a4 and a5 paper sizes.

📒Each booklet consists of 80 court pages.

✂️Each page is perforated, so that they can be easily pulled out and put into your pocket or tennis bag.

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It’s a Seven Sided Co-poly that produces massive spin while also remaining comfortable on your arm.

It ranked top 3 in Spin, Top 4 Overall, and Top 5 in Comfort for Poly strings according to the Racquet Sports Industry Testing. It also tested as THE BEST Tension Maintenance Poly Ever, according to Tennis Warehouse University Labs.

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The courts in The Functional Tennis Court Pad
The courts in The Functional Tennis Court Pad

80 Pages

Each pas 80 pages. each page has a tennis court with black dotted circles outside the court.

Pull out pages in The Functional Tennis Court Pad


Easily tear out each page to put in your gear bag, pocket or give to a player.

available in a4 and a5 sizes

2 Sizes Available

Available in A4 and A5 paper sizes.

🇮🇪 Made in Dublin Ireland 🇮🇪  

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