Functional Tennis

Camera Mount

Learn how to setup and use the camera mount the updated Functional Tennis camera mount.

Learn about the updated camera mount

How to set it up

Ashley shows you below how to setup the camera mount. This video is for the previous version and setup is similiar. A new video will be uploaded soon.


Tio 1 - We suggest using the camera on the screen (selfie) side so you can easily adjust the camera angle that you need. And also choose the wider view, available on later iPhones.

Tip 2 - when tightening to secure the camera angle, ensure you tighten as much as possible.



Put your camera mount to use with automated stats & line calling today as well as recordings of your best points.

Currently iPhone compatible only


What's in the Box?


The new hook is slimer, fits tigher to the top of fences and has a 2nd hook for more obsource fences and hard to get to areas.

Telescopic pole

The new telescopic pole reaches to 200cm (6.2ft) for those super high fences in California. Its also now compacts to 51cm (1.6ft) fitting in most tennis backpacks.

phone attachment

Use this attachemnt to secure your phone to the extension pole. Tip - We recommend you use your forward facing camera 😀

gopro attachment

Included is the GoPro attachment allowing you to use just your GoPro or use both your phone and GoPro

velcro straps

Use the velcro strap to helpsecure the pole to a fence. A 2nd backup strap is also included.

Have a Question?

If you have any queries at all abou thte camera mount leave a message below and I'll get back to you asap.

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The New Functional Tennis Camera Mount
Functional Tennis Camera Mount on the fence
The extending camera mount pole
The New Functional Tennis Camera Mount
Tennis Camera Mount
Tennis Camera Mount
The hook from New Functional Tennis Camera Mount
option to put het camera mount of top of net for a different angle
The New Functional Tennis Camera Mount

Tennis Camera Mount

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What's new?

-  No more losing the velcro straps as the telescopic pole now has attached hooks

-  New fence hook with an additional hook for hard-to-hook areas

- It extends to 2 meters to reach those high California fences

- It's shorter when compact to fit in more backpacks

- New Flip-lock to extend / compact quickly