Dominik Koepfer on the Functional Tennis Podcast

Top 100 Dominik Koepfer

Top 100 Dominik Koepfer

Episode 23

This week we speak to German player Dominik Koepfer.

Dominik had one US College option at The University of Tulane, he took it and by end of it he was the top college player in the US and has managed to raise the level of his team bringing them from an unranked team to a top 25 team.

He tells us about his journey from playing only twice a week as a junior to becoming a Top 100 ATP player, challenges he met along the way and his great run at the US Open where he took a set of Daniil Medvedev

We also speak to Dominik's assistant coach at Tulane, Niall Fitzgerald who tells us what coaches and the other players saw in him.

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