Liam Smith

Coach of Gael Monfils

Episode 47

This week we speak to Liam Smith, the coach of Gael Monfils. Liam is a very experienced coach that has worked with great players at all levels as well as working for academies and Federations around the world.

We talk about:


  • His early coaching days at Saddlebrook and Van de Meer
  • Been part of a great Aussie system that has produced world class players
  • Working with Radu Albot and Gael Monfils
  • Had he learned form Radu and Gael.
  • Coaching 2 ATP players at the same time (Radu and Matt Ebden)
  • Transitioning from junior to seniors
  • His new online Tennis Player Development Course
  • His ideal male and female player


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