The Best Tennis Podcasts

The Best Tennis Podcasts

According to Functional Tennis 👊

The Tennis Podcast

The best for the latest tennis news and daily slam updates

The Tennis Podcast hosted by ATP media veteran David Law and Prime Video Presenter Catherine Whitaker is my favourite podcast with the latest tennis news. They release daily episodes during the slams and weekly episodes outside of the slams. They always have the latest news and great insights with their stats/research guy Matt Roberts. They also release random interview with top pros and coaches which are very interesting. This should definitely be the first to add to your playlist. One of my all time favourite podcast discussions is when they did a piece on Roger Federer after his 2017 Wimbledon win.

No Challenges Remaining


Hosted by Ben Rothenberg and Courtney Nguyen this is a great podcast with some fantastic interviews and slam previews. Ben is very active on Twitter and has written fantastic tennis articles for the New York Times and Courtney is a senior write for the WTA insider and also host of their podcast! They have had nearly 2 million downloads and released nearly 300 episodes with some classics in there. I am new to this podcast but listening back through their archives they have some timeless classics.

More recently they had an interview with Nick Kyrgios which you should definitely listen to.

Under Review with Craig Shapiro

Great for interviews with stars, especially from the past

I've only came across this podcast recently and really enjoy it. Craig has been around the game for a long time, previously stringing rackets for Agassi and more stars. He has access to great players of the past and present. Episode guests include, Tommy Haas, Jim Courier, Tim Henman, Mary Carillo, Roger Federer's Stringers and Bianca Andresscu. He has a unique style which you will enjoy.

Check out Craig's interview with Roger Federer's Stringer Ron Yu P1, its very insightful.

The Racquet Magazine Podcast

Great interviews with modern greats and legends

Hosted by 4 time Grand Slam winner Rennae Stubbs and racquet magazine co-founder Caitlin Thompson . Rennae has been working in the game since retiring in 2011 and knows so many past and present players which makes their lineup always A-List. Knowing the players very well, helps make seamless conversations and I really enjoy listening to this podcast. Check out the recent Jim Courier interview or the Kim Clijsters interview from last year.

The Functional Tennis Podcast

Functional Tennis look into all aspects of the tennis world from players, coaches, experts and entrepreneurs

We can't talk about all these great podcasts without mentioning our own!! Launched this summer we have had great guests on far with a mix of coaches, tennis players and entrepreneurs. We will be mixing it up for the first season to get to cover many areas of the tennis world. We plan to have a weekly episode released every Tuesday. Subscribe so you don't miss out on any episode!

WTA Insider

Deep insights into the WTA tour

Hosted by the co-host of our other favourite podcast, The Challenges Remaining podcast, Courtney Nguyen, The WTA insider writer provides great insight into the WTA tour. It has a mixture of tournament previews, reviews as well as interviews with some top WTA players. This should definitely be on your list if you want to stay updated with the WTA tour.

Beyond the Basleine

A full 360 degree look into the tennis

Beyond the Baseline comes from the well funded Sports Illustrated family. It's a weekly podcast which covers all areas in the tennis world. They speak to players and cover areas such as innovation, sustainability, speak to living legends , preview tournaments with ex pros and really give a great insight into the world of tennis.  

The Tennis Files Podcast

Helping you improve your tennis game

The Tennis Files podcast recently became a part of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network which shows the quality of this podcast. Mehrban covers a wide arrange of topics to help your game and gets in experts to share their knowledge and experience. Whether you are looking for advice on nutrition, fitness , injury comeback, technology, visualisation, mindset or more there is an episode for you.

Recently Launched

The Tennis Connection

New podcast from the WTCA founder Sarah Stone

Just Launched

I will be keeping my eye out on the new Tennis Connection Podcast. Hosted by Sarah Stone, founder of the WTCA (Women's Tennis Coaching Association) and Margot Carter, this podcast will be very topical and will have some interesting discussions as Sarah as done a great job with the WTCA and is a well respected with her players having own slams.

Recommended but To Be Reviewed

Kris Soutar's Tennis Journal

Recommended by multiple coaches

Kris's podcast has been recommended me to me multiple times since launching our own podcast. It's got great ratings on iTunes and Kris talks about a wide array of tennis topics. He brings 27 years of experience coaching at all levels and contacts to the podcast. I've subscribed and will start listening soon and report back!

Cracked Interviews

Short description coming soon

The guys at cracked racquets have some great content and are funny. I haven't listened to any episodes yet but plan to soon and report back if they are good! They also have a couple of others shows but this one looks the best for me where they chat to players and have a focus on great college players . Their description says "The Cracked Interviews podcast gives you an all-access pass into the world of tennis. Dalton Thieneman sits down with the sport’s biggest players, coaches, and academies to bring listeners inside the processes, personas, and stories that you won’t get anywhere else"

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