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🚀 The Functional Tennis Practice Journal provides a framework for your practice sessions and will work along side our 100% recommended and Loved by Novak Djokovic Match Journal.

💯 The practice journal is designed specifically for your practice sessions and will help you assess your practice performances as well as help you get closer to your goals.

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📔Over 60 Practice Sheets
💪Over 60 Motivational Quotes
🥅New Goals Section
🤓Pressure Test Section
🧠Excerpts from mindset and performance specialist Allistair McCaw
👟Warm up and Warm down from Tennis Fitness trainer Howard Green
📅 Calendar to August 2021
💼 Protection Pouch
📄Pull out notes and court pages
✅Addition as a Functional Tennis Close Friend on our Instagram a/c


🌎 So far we have shipped our journals to 58 countries.

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Includes over 60 practice sheets that provide a framework for planning and reviewing your practice sessions.

Motivational Quotes

We have included over 70 motivational quotes throughout the journal from tennis players, world renowned athletes and coaches.


We have taken the goals page form the practice journal and completely revamped it with a better structure and breakdown for your goals.

Mindset & Performance Excerpts

Mindset and performance expert to top international athletes, Allistair McCaw, includes excerpts from his best selling book, Champion Minded, which will help you think and act like a champion


Training Values

Section included to list your training values so you can have them close by at all times.


Warm Up & Warm Down

Get access to warm up and warm down exercises from tennis fitness expert Howard Green,


Pressure Test

Section included that helps you record pressure test results for you strokes and strategy


Close Friends Membership

Become an exclusive member of the Functional Tennis Close Friends Group on Instagram where we show extra content not seen on the main account.

Cue Word Stickers

Use these cue words stickers on your racket to have reminders and mental triggers for your areas you need to concentrate on. We've added more blank so you add more of your own cue words.

Protection Pouch

Each journal comes with a soft protection pouch to help protect if from damage in your racket bag.


March 2019

💡Idea! We write notes on our matches, why not on our practice sessions 🤷

April 2019

Sketch ideas, speak to coaches/players and design layout of a match sheet. Like we initially did before the launch of the match journal ✅

Late April 2019

Handoff to the designer to make it look great!!✅

May 2019

The free practice sheet pdf is available to download ✅

June 2019

The practice sheet has got great feedback. Time to start thinking of turnign it into a journal ✅

Later June 2019

Speaking to coaches, match journal customers to get ideas for new sections to the practice journal that differ from the match journal ✅

July 2019

Design the layout for the practice journal ✅
Find amazing quotes for the match journal ✅
Find a new designer as our last one got a full time job at Nike ✅

Early August 2019

Our journal design went to a real designer to make it look pretty ✅
It then got sent to our manufacturer so they can manufacture a sample for us and to confirm all is perfect ✅

Late August

The manufacturer is working on the journal and we are awaiting sample images ✅
We then confirm our order after approving sample and making small changes ✅
The price will increase to €22.95 after our order is placed with the manufacturer ✅

Early September

The manufacturer makes the journals and then ships them over to us.

Late September

Journals have landed and been shipped to customers who pre ordered

Price increases to our price of €29.95

The HEAD racket giveaway winnes are announced


The practice journal is now shipping worlwdide, order today 😁


The Match Journal comprises of 60 practice sheets where you plan and evaluate your practice sessions. You can download a FREE PDF of it by filling out the details below



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So far we have shipped our match journal to Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, UAE, Serbia, Hungary, Germany, U.K., Ireland, France, Spain Italy, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Bermuda, China and more

😔 We do not ship to Russia or the Ukraine.

The practice journal has a specific framework which applies to your practice sessions. The match journal has a framework that applies to matches. They both work in conjunction with one another but are different.

The practice journal has an updated and more in detail goals planner as well as a-lot of motivational quotes and other features that the match journal doesn't have.

Overall it's a great partner to the match journal.

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Cue words are simple words/phrases to help you maintain focus and concentration during practise and matches.

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