Saber London Edition
Functional Tennis Saber London Edition, shoot in London
Functional Tennis Saber London Edition
The green colour of the Functional tennis saber london edition
Functional Tennis Saber London Edition

Saber - London Edition

“must-have for every coach and serious player”
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💎 Introducing the London Edition - A limited edition run of 50 sabers inspired by London

🟢 The green is lighter than in the photos. The photos make it look darker than it actually is.

😊 It's based on the same great frame as the Oringal Saber mid and has similar specs.

🏭 Made from a composite material in the same world-class factories as other major brands it has a head and weight of 312 grams strung.

💬 Players have said the saber is a  “game-changer” providing a “great feel” and a “must-have for every coach and serious player”. 

🥷  There is no need to change your grip or adjust your playing style to be efficient, simply swap your racket for the saber and you will feel at home right away. We’ve seen Top 10 ATP and WTA players use it in their training as well as upcoming juniors all over the world and players who strive to improve on a daily basis.

🎫  This miss out on this limited edition run which will not be available again once sold out.

Racket Specs

Head Size 37 Sq in

Weight (Unstrung) 300g

Weight (Strung) 312g

String Pattern 12x12

Swing Weight 270

Beam size 22mm straight beam

Grip size 2 (4 1/4)

Strung - Yes

Material - Mixed composites of Carbon Fibre and Fibre Glass

Recommended String Tension

- 13.5 KG / 30 lbs


Can be strung in all manual machines and most automatic machines. If available we recommend you use the badminton kit on automatic machines but this is not necessary

String Length Needed

6 metres is more than enough. It's also half the length of a normal set so you will get 2 restrings from 1 normal set.

FYI - The Saber comes strung 😉

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We have recently negiotated new UPS shipping rates 😀 and its out choice of carrier if you are ordering a Melbourne editon Saber for outside of Europe

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The Saber London Edition outside a UK phone box

Superior Feel

Use the Saber to help you get to really feel the sweetspot through contact and get that sweet sound when you make the perfect connection.

Spin friendly

Generate your normal level of spin without needing to change your grip or adjust your swing pattern.

Play for hours

Its super soft feel allows you to play for hours as well as take on other people with a saber for some mini battles.

Limited to 50 sabers

Pros with the saber

Check out Wawrinka, Hurkacz, Karatsev, Djokovic, Udvardy and 2 amazing 10 years using the saber.

The Story

Want to know more about the saber, how and why we developed it?


Yes the London edition is limited to 50 sabers and once sold out it will not be available again. Our Melbourne and Paris edition both sold out.

- 300 Grams Unstrung

- 312 grams Strung

Yes it comes strung.

Of course, it can 😉

It can be strung in all manual machines and most automatic machines. If available we recommend you use the badminton kit on automatic machines but this is not necessary.

 Nikki from Unstrung Customs shows us here in this video

and here is a recent video from a customer stringing the saber

Recommended String Tension

Poly 13.5 KG / 30 lbs

It takes just under 5.5 metres to restring so we recommend you cut 6 metres of string.

A normal set of strings is 12 metres so you will get 2 restring from your normal set 😀

The saber has a bigger hitting area compared to the pointer, it's more comfortable on the arm and less forgiving but still difficult.

Also, it allows you to easily hit spin with your normal grip, unlike the pointer where it's harder to hit spin and you have to adjust your grip.

Plus wait til you see the fun you have with it!!

Yes, we do. Currently, we have shipped sabers to 74 countries since its launch in 2022.

We have a standard tracked available to some countries (North America, Europe, UK) and UPS available to all others.

Depending on the country we have other options also available, please go to checkout to see options.

Finally we have recently negioated new UPS rates and in countries outside of Europe we now have a 50% reduction in shipping costs.

If ordering a Melbourne edition for outside of Europe I recommend the UPS shipping option.

Yes it does. The string header card doubles up as a stencil. Do not bin it!

If you have throw it away can you tap here to download a pdf stencil which you can print. Thicker paper is advised.


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