Functional Tennis Saber S string
Functional Tennis Saber S string specifically for the saber

Saber S String

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We are introducing our new Saber S string that we have developed with the help of our favourite string brand at Functional Tennis, Solinco.

We tried many variations of strings and finally went with this synthetic gut as we felt it suited the frame of the saber the best. It has some power, and control and is nice on the arm.

It comes in the perfect length to restring the saber.

We choose the name S because there are a lot of S's in it!

  • String
  • Soft
  • Synthetic
  • Spin friendly
  • Sweet Spot

It's nice and soft on the arm, reacts well to spins and you can feel plenty of control.

It's not a poly so it does move around a little but that helps keep you focused in between points 😉 

🧶 16 Gauge (1.30mm)

📏 6 metres (19.6 ft)

♳ Synthetic Gut

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In Partnership with SOLINCO

Synthetic Gut

We tested many strings and found this synthetic gut to best suit the saber. It had a good mix of spin, power and with the small 37in Saber headsize we wanted a string that would be nice on the arm


🧶 16 Gauge (1.30mm)

📏 6 metres (19.6 ft)

♳ Synthetic Gut


This string is made to suit the saber frame. It's an upgrade from the stock factory string of the saber. You will love the improved feel from this string.


No its not. The saber comes with a nylon based string as is different to this new Saber S String that we have developed in conjuntion with Solinco.

Recommended String TensionPoly

  • 13.5 KG / 30 lbs

The saber can be strung just like any tennis racket.

Below are 2 videos of the saber getting strung.

Nikki from Unstrung Customs

and here is a recent video from a customer stringing the saber

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