The Match Journal
The Match Journal
The Match Journal
The Match Journal

The Match Journal

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🏆 Do you want to be a better tennis player, win more matches and finally beat that one opponent who you lose to in a tight 3 sets every time?  If yes then Functional Tennis Match Journal is for you. Walk onto the court knowing exactly what you have to do to get the win.

🎯 This journal will help you improve your match focus by giving you a framework to plan and evaluate your matches and help guide your practice sessions. It gives you a common ground to sit down with your coach to analyse your match and take learnings onto the practice court and ultimately improve.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 The journal is aimed at players of all levels and ages but is extremely popular with Juniors from all over the world.

✏️ Feedback we have gotten is the journal is “One of the best tools for players at all levels”, it has “helped me a great deal in having a plan, doing recon on the opponent, and recapping objectively post-match win or lose” and “It has transformed the ones that use it diligently by helping them objectively critique their strategy and execution.” It's “easy to use and full of everything a young player needs” Check out the 100+ 5 ⭐️  reviews below to see what players, parents and coaches think of the journal.

🔑 We help you by providing a trusted framework that you will use pre/post matches that takes no more than 5 minutes to complete.

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Journal up to 46 matches

Updated Goals section to track your goals

Motivational Quotes from the worlds best tennis players

Notes section and court diagram to write down practise drills and playing patterns

Perforated pages added at back for notes and courts

Protection pouch


Rear pocket in journal

Cue word stickers for your tennis racket

Exclusive link to our pre-match/ practice warm-up and post match / practice warm down routine videos

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Djokovic Approves

Whats in the MAtch Journal?

Record 46 Matches

Use our framework to help you plan and evaluate your matches.

Set your goals

Keep track of all your short, medium and long term goals.


Write down all your extra in the notes section at the rear of the journal.

full page courts

Included now are full page courts that are perforated so you can pull them out without damaging the journal.

Included with each journal

Protection Pouch

Each journal comes with a soft protection pouch to help protect if from damage in your racket bag.

Cue Word Stickers

Use these cue words stickers on your racket to have reminders and mental triggers for your areas you need to concentrate on. We've added more blank so you add more of your own cue words.

The Warm Up & Cool Down

Get access to the Functional Tennis warmup and cool down which will get you warm before you hit the court and also help build those small muscles you should be working on daily.


The Match Journal comprises of 46 match sheets where you plan and evaluate your matches. You can download a FREE PDF of a match sheet .