Top 100 Podcast with Jurgen Zopp


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This week James has a past doubles partner, Jurgen Zopp, on episode 05 of the Top 100 Podcast. 

Jurgen is a former top 100 ATP singles player from Estonia who is trying to break back into the Top 100 after a big injury. He talks about his:

  • Junior days as a top 100 ITF player and having no one to practise with in Estonia after all his fellow tennis players go to university while he took the pro route
  • Getting financial help from his national federation
  • New coach simplifying tennis for him and giving him game plans which resulted in instant results.
  • The qualities of a good coach
  • How he found the step from futures to challenger bigger than Challenger level to ATP.
  • The push into the top 100
  • Injury and the challenge to break back into the top 100 after a major injury.



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