Racket Giveaway


This week we are giving away a Wilson Ultra 100L Camo like the one in the picture below.

Win this WIlson Camo

To enter you must purchase a Functional Tennis Journal and for every journal purchased you will get 1 entry into the giveaway.

This journal will help you improve your match focus by giving you a framework to plan and evaluate your matches and help guide your practice sessions. It gives you common ground to sit down with your coach and analyse your match and take learnings onto the practise court and your nest match.

Some feedback we have gotten is the journal has“ helped me a great deal in having a plan, doing recon on the opponent, and recapping objectively post match win or lose” and “It has transformed the ones that use it diligently. It helps them objectively critique their strategy and execution.” And “easy to use and full of everything a young player needs”

Entries into this giveaway will be much lower than are usual giveaways and we expect to get only 1% of our usual entrants so chances of winning are much higher.

As usual entries are open to most parts of the world. The giveaway will close this Sunday 17th March 2019.

Tap the link below to check out the journal.



If you have any questions please DM us on Instagram at instagram.com/FunctionalTennis


Previous Winners

James Miller (Wilson Clash)  🇬🇧 

Alice Chadwick  (Wilson Ultra Camo) 🇳🇱


Alison Clarke (Wilson Ultra CV Camo)  🇬🇧


Julie (Wilson Pro Staff RF Autograph)  🇺🇸


Ethan (Wilson Blade) 🇳🇱


Henriette (Wilson Ultra Tour) 🇩🇰


Shelley 🇺🇸 (Wilson Ultra Tour)

Shelley winner of the Wilson Ultra Tour