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❓popular saber questions

Of course it can!

It can be strung in all manual machines and most automatic machines. If available but not necessary we recommend you use the badminton kit on automatic machines but this is not necessary.

Check out this video on stringing on the Saber

Recommended String Tension

  • 13.5 KG / 30 lbs

It's a good idea to use the same string as you use in your main racket.

We also teamed up with Solinco to develop a synthetic gut string especially made for the saber. It's comes in the right length for the saber and I absoutely love as I feel it provides some great feel and works really well with the saber. You can check out the string here.

Roughly 5.5 metres so hald a normal set of strings is what you need to string a saber.

Yes it does. The string header card doubles up as a stencil. Do not bin it!

If you have throw it away can you tap here to download a pdf stencil which you can print. Thick paper is advised.

Yes, you can, no matter where in the world you are based.

Send us a message here if you are interested in stocking Sabers in your store.

Please note minimum quantities for b2b orders are 25 units.

The Saber String

Saber S String

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