5 Agility & Footwork Drill for tennis players that need no equipment


IMG's Coach Justin Russ has put together 5 agility and footwork drills to help you improve your movement. Justin works with some of the worlds top Juniors and some top 10 ATP/WTA players.

The exercises are:

1) Spider 3 - 4 sets

2) Lateral Sprint Twice each direction, 3-4 sets

3) Star Drill 3-4 sets

4) Mirror Drill 10 seconds each, 3 sets each

5) Zig Zag 2-3 sets down and back

BONUS Partner Square Drill 6 calls each, 4 sets each

If you have any questions please leave a question below and if you haven't seen Justin's 5 Essential Core exercises for Tennis players check them out here


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  • Terry Feingold

    Where do I find how to do these?
    Many thanks!


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