Match & Practice Journal Combo

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Combine both our journals to give you the framework to maximise your practice sessions and matches. 

🔺 Learn every time you step out on the court
🔺 Maximise every minute you are on the court
🔺 Improve daily for long term gains

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 The journals are aimed at players of all levels and ages but are extremely popular with Juniors from all over the world. 

Each order comes with
📔  1 x Match Journal
📓  1 x Practice Journal

Both Journals come with:
🔹 Goals Section
🔹 Calendar up to Dec 2022
Cue word stickers for your tennis racket
Notes section and court diagram to write down practise drills and playing patterns
🔹 Exclusive link to our pre-match/ practice warm-up and post-match / practice warm down routine videos
🔹 Perforated pages added at back for notes and courts
🔹 Protection pouch
🔹 Rear pocket in journal

Match Journal also includes
📔  Framework pages to journal 46 matches

Practice Journal also includes
📔 Over 60 Practice framework sheets
💪 Over 60 motivational quotes
🤓 Pressure test section
🧠 Excerpts from mindset and performance specialist Allistair McCaw