Pointer & Journal Pack

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Save today by combining our most popular products, our Original Tennis Pointer, The Match Journal and The Practice Journal.

Our pointer is used by thousands of players of all ages and levels around the world from grand slam champions in Poland to young juniors in Brazil to seniors playing in sunny Florida. It comes in 3 versions

🥇  Mid (308 grams) Our most popular. Grip size 2.
🏆  Pro (345 grams)  The same length as our mid but heavier and in grip size 3
👧  Junior (285 grams) Shorter version for kids aged 6-10 years old and in grip size 1

Find out more about the pointer here.

Our Match Journal and Practice Journal consist of frameworks to help you get the most of every minute you spend out on the court, whether it's a match or practice session. Tap on the links above to find out more about them and read all the reviews.

When you order you will get:
🥄  1 x Functional Tennis Pointer
📔  1 x Match Journal
📓  1 x Practice Journal